CalSpec Home Inspectors, LLC Newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2010

The Brutal Truth of a Home Inspector

In the Home Inspection field, we run across an array of defects ranging from common issues, to life threatening issues. I would like to share some photos and stories of some obvious deficiencies found, please enjoy.

Photo #1 - Large ceiling beam(s) connected with a metal strap, no vertical support for entire span of room (approximately 25 feet long).

Inspector Opinion: Lets start by saying that beams provide structural support to the homes framing members. In this particular situation vertical support should have been added right near this separate beam transition. Without this vertical support, these beams will start to sag and split at the strap, resulting in collapse of the structure. Now I understand not all people were born to be Home Inspectors, but it does not take a genus to see that this configuration is dangerous. As Inspectors, we see configurations like this very often in DIY (do-it-yourself) situations. I would like to close this opinion with a pleading: if you are responsible for constructing this, please put the hammer down!

Photo #2 - Large burn mark/hole in a bathroom receptacle.

Inspector Opinion: Wow, where to begin here! I'm really curious to know at what point this homeowner was going to call an electrician, perhaps after the Fire Department put out the fire? Seriously now, this is a serious safety hazard that should not be taken lightly. Anytime discoloration is noted at a plug or any other fixture/switch, it needs to be evaluated and addressed by a licensed electrician immediately!


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